Watch movies free The Scorned (2005) Full Movie Online

The Scorned (2005) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

Duration: 87 minutes
Actors: Jenna Lewis, Steven Hill, Trish Schneider, Bob Guiney
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Director: Robert Kubilos
Writert: Rob Cesternino, Eric Mittleman, Scott Zakarin
Release: 2005-10-15
Summary of The Scorned
In a hidden beach house on the Malibu shore, a 'twenty something' couple have a 'spitting mad' lover's quarrel. The boyfriend storms out, and into the arms of their house mate. When the infidelity is discovered, horrible violence ensues, ending with the house mate soaked in blood, the boyfriend crying in the corner of the room and his girlfriend apparently dead in the hot tub. 17 Months Later: A group of attractive twenty somethings move into the abandoned beach house, unaware of the tragedy that had kept the house vacant all these months. One by one, temptation seduces the house mates into betraying their romantic relationships and they are punished for their infidelities, by an avenging angel of death. Movie created during a reality show called "Kill Reality" which ran on the E! network.

The Scorned - 2005 Trailer

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